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Quality Control is the most important factor in our success. Our Quality Control department constantly keeps our customers’ products under control in accordance with the strictest requirements of the industry.

Our quality policy can be summarizes as follows;

Quality is our product.

Quality occurs in production, it is not only controlled after production. Our employees in production take full responsibility for the quality of the products.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal at every stage of our organization.

To achieve quality and business goals, management and employees act as a team;

This ensures our future success.

Environmental conditions within our quality department are kept under control. Our department is equipped with sophisticated and state-of-the-art tools such as Coordinate Measuring Machine, quality-control hardness devices and surface roughness devices. This allows us to provide additional services such as recycled engineering.

Our quality control reports can be provided upon request.

Our company has DIN EN ISO-9001:2015 Quality certificate. QS-16949 studies are ongoing and are aimed to be completed in our new facility.

* To increase the quality awareness of our employees by giving importance to training and communication,

* Continuously improving the quality of the products and services we provide to our customers and thus meeting our customers’ expectations,

* Supplying products in accordance with international legislation and standards and delivering them on time,

* Our quality policy is to ensure continuous improvement by applying quality system standards and complying with regulations and laws.